About Us

Atlantic Clinical Research Collaborative (ACRC) is an independent, private company dedicated to developing the newest medical treatments. With multiple locations in the West Palm Beach area, ACRC is conducting clinical trials in accordance with good clinical practice guidelines. Working with pharmaceutical and device companies throughout the world, ACRC offers novel therapies to our South Florida Community. Our clinical trials offer hope for people with scores of medical problems. Our research is helping to uncover better ways to treat, prevent, diagnose and understand human disease.

Mission Statement

Our team at ACRC is dedicated to working with our sponsors to execute protocols in an ethical, timely, and compliant manner. By following all regulatory, legal and moral guidelines, we provide the high quality data that will allow novel medical therapies to be properly evaluated. Our commitment to excellence in research will contribute to innovations in medicine and approval of new therapies that will enhance the care of our patients.

Vision Statement

We resolve to always conduct research with utmost integrity. We will continue to be an exemplary model of how clinical trials should be run. We will aspire to expand our network both locally and abroad. We will work with our sponsors to help chart a new medical tomorrow.

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Dr. Weinstein on Radio Health Journal discussing Heart Failure.